Rabu, 30 Mei 2012


posted by: Dunia Andromeda
Cloud or a UFO? This lenticular cloud was spotted over Patagonia, Argentina - providing conspiracy theorists something to debate
A skier prepares for abduction as the ominous UFO creeps a little bit closer
Lenticular clouds usually form high over mountains, before drifting off to scare the townspeople
Up in the air: These button-like clouds sail across the horizon
Follow the leader: These tightly-formed clouds take a uniform line through the skies
Above the church, the lenticular cloud takes shape, stacked up in the skies
This unusual lenticular cloud seems to be catching the sun's rays from below the horizon, providing a ghostly pink reflection
The lenticulars' distinctive shape is caused by clouds forming over mountains and then drifting off
More lenticulars float across a glowing sunset
Another lenticular forms over a mountain range, creating a smooth saucer shape

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